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White Wines - By The Glass
Blush Wines - By The Glass
Red Wines - By The Glass
Pinot Grigio - By The Bottle

A light white wine with mild fruit notes. Pairs well with light sauce dishes and white meats.
Riesling - By The Bottle

A pale, sweet white wine. Pairs well with spicy foods.
Sauvignon Blanc - By The Bottle

A lightly sweet white wine. Pairs well with light sauce dishes and white meat.
Chardonnay - By The Bottle

A rich, intense white wine, full of flavor oak and butter.
Pairs well with white sauce dishes, seafood and white meats.
Exceptional Whites - By The Bottle
White Zinfandel - By The Bottle

A "pink" wine on the sweeter side. Pairs well with spicy foods.
Pinot Noir - By The Bottle

Pinot Noir is sometimes referred to as the "transition wine" as it is a red varietal but not heavy
in texture. Great wine to try if you are moving from white wines to reds. Pairs well with
white and red sauce dishes, both white and red meats but with lighter sauces in texture.
Merlot - By The Bottle

What was once as a "softening" grape in Cabernet Sauvignon wine production,
Merlot improved, coming into its own varietal category. It is deep in color, has soft tannins
and is slightly sweeter but is not as heavy and intense as cabernet sauvignon.
Red Zinfandel - By The Bottle

A prominent California varietal, most Zinfandels are known for their light spice,
dry texture and garnet color. Pairs well with red meats and red sauces.
Petite Syrah - By The Bottle

This wine is packed with spice, berries, black pepper, vanilla and mocha. One of
the heaviest reds in this varietal category. Pairs well with lamb and steak.
Cabernet Sauvignon - By The Bottle
Exceptional Reds - By The Bottle

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